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At Select Auto Collision Limited, we only use state of the art equipment and products, such as Car-O-Liner for frame straightening, and a semi-downdraft paint booth for refinishing. As an environmentally conscious and quality driven company, we have already switched over our refinishing process to a water-based paint system (well ahead of upcoming governmental requirements). Factory finishes are expertly matched using a state-of-the-art climate-controlled paint booth and a computerized color-matching program.

Our Products

You've probably heard the grim predictions:  once your car has been in a collision, it will never be the same again, never drive right, or is hard to sell. Putting a wrecked car back the way it was before the accident is a difficult and complicated task, and not many can do it right. If damage is missed or improperly repaired, your car won't be the same.  To fix your car properly, technicians must have some way to keep track of model changes and manufacturer's service bulletins, and need equipment capable of measuring damage accurately.  The good news is that at Select Auto Collision Limited we have the tools and the knowledge to put your car back right.  And we think if we tell you a little about how we do it, you'll feel more comfortable with the repair process.

When repairs are completed, we can give you a copy of your car's "before" and "after" measurements, on an easy-to-understand printout illustrated with graphs and diagrams of the damage.  These measurements are kept on file at Select Auto Collision Limited, so if you are in another collision later there can be no question about whether or not subsequent damage is related to the old repair.  And when you get ready to sell your car, you can show the prospective buyer that the car was put back right.

At Select Auto Collision Limited we have years of practical experience combined with formal training, the best equipment available, and computer services that ensure that we are as well informed as anyone in the industry.  Your car can be the same after a wreck, if you have the right people working for you.

Superior Customer Service


Our stuff are extensively trained to write accurate estimates and provide friendly, knowledgeable customer service. Customer Service Manage Joe Di Paola has 20 years experience helping customers through the collision repair and insurance claims processes.

The baked-on finish restores your vehicle to like-new condition, using Automotive Finishes premium urethane enamel refinishing system.  The paint we use is the same kind car makers use.